[Soompi] Suzy Shows Support For Government Petition After YouTuber Shares Sexual Harassment Story

Suzy has been revealed to have participated in a recent national petition regarding YouTube content creator Yang Ye Won.

On May 17, through her personal Instagram story, Suzy revealed that she had signed in support of the petition titled, “Hap Jung XXXX Illegal Nude Filming,” which was posted on the message board for government petitions. As of May 18 in the morning, support for the petition has risen rapidly to 100,000 participants. The deadline for the petition ends on June 16. If a petition receives 200,000 participants within the 30 days, a government official must give an official reply within a month.

Previously, content creator Yang Ye Won had posted a message on her personal Facebook, with the title, “I am a victim of a sex crime,” and uploaded a corresponding video on her YouTube channel. Through the post and the video, she talked about being sexually harassed while working part-time as a model three years ago.

Yang Ye Won revealed, “The minute I walked into the studio, the ‘manager’ locked the door with a padlock and handed me undergarments that you’d think would appear in a porno.” When Yang Ye Won told the manager that she didn’t want to do this, he threatened her, saying that all the present PDs in the studio would sue and demand compensation, and that he would make it so that she could never debut. Yang Ye Won stated that she had to wear the undergarments, which revealed everything. And when she had to carry out erotic poses, 20 male models started touching her chest and private area while saying they would help her with the poses.

“I did what they told me to do because I was scared of getting sexually assaulted. We had to shoot four more times. Recently, I saw a photo taken from that time pop up on an erotic site, and I prayed three times to die by suicide,” Yang Ye Won said. Following her post, an aspiring actress named Lee So Yoon also posted on her Facebook, saying, “The same thing happened to me [as Yang Ye Won].”

Through JTBC’s “Newsroom,” a source from the studio in Hap Jung replied to a phone call with reporters, saying, “It was all done under the contract [we had] with miss Yang, and [the studio] insisted that they never pressured her nor touched her body.”

Currently, the Seoul Mapo district police have received Yang Ye Won’s petition and have started to investigate on the suspicion of a violation of the Exceptional Act regarding punishments for sexual violence crimes.

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