180622 Jung Hae In interview with Appledaily (1)

“ First off working with Suzy was already something really happy/blessed. When filming WYWS, because all the actors are of similar age, we were all like firends, when shooting it was both confortable and happy “

trans by @suzy_hyunhyun

180623 Block B’s Park Kyung mentioned Suzy in an recent interview (2)

He answered whether he has anyone in mind that he’d like to work with in the future, either by collaborating or producing that singer’s album. Park Kyung chose Suzy and shared that he has a song in mind that he thinks will fit well with Suzy’s color as a solo artist. He stated “There was a topic that came up during a recent conversation I had with my friends, and I think if I made a song out of it, I’d want Suzy to listen to it because I think it would really go well with her. My friends and I discussed what is the best way to deal with things when your love for someone ends.