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180129 Suzy instagram: “ With #DPRLIVE ! Oh ye…

180129 Suzy instagram: “ With #DPRLIVE !
Oh yeah #HOLIDAY "

180129 Suzy instagram:  “ Showcase comp…

180129 Suzy instagram

“ Showcase complete!
Thank you so much to everyone that came today
Get home safely #WowItsSoCold!
#facesoflove #LancomeCarinNescafeILoveYou ”

180129 [Faces of Love] showcase – interview

[Soompi] Suzy Talks About miss A’s Disbandment

Suzy shared her thoughts on the recent disbandment of her group miss A at a comeback showcase for her new solo mini album. 

Suzy said, “miss A disbanded after seven years of activities.” She continued, “Like when I released my last solo album, this has been a new challenge and I’m nervous. Compared to when I was promoting with the group, as a solo artist I’m able to show my own colors and do the kind of music that I’d like to do, so I think of it as an opportunity to develop more. That’s why I became more strongly determined.”

She also expressed how sorry she feels to her fans. “I’m very sorry that I wasn’t able to properly tell fans about miss A’s disbandment,” she said. “I think it’s a shame, but I think that we’ll all be able to develop even more while working on our own. I’m supporting them and hoping they do well. I hope you’ll watch over them.”


[Soompi] Suzy Shares Her Thoughts On Being Known As “The Nation’s First Love” + Working As An Actor And Singer 

Suzy made a comeback with her second mini album “Faces of Love” and held a showcase on January 29 at Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul. During the event, Suzy talked about her album, career as an actress and singer, and her image.

She began, “In this album, I tried to convey love a bit deeper. I sang love songs since the past, but I think the feelings are deepening as I age,” and expressed hope that people would love both her title and b-side tracks.

“Faces of Love” includes seven tracks: “I’m in Love with Someone Else,” “Holiday,” “SObeR,” “Bxatxh,” “Midnight,” “Confession,” and “Sleeplessness.” Each song conveys different feelings related to love such as longing, resentment, and bliss.

When asked about the reason for promoting actively as an actress and singer, Suzy answered, “While acting and singing at the same time, I want to do well in both instead of leaning towards one.” She also revealed she decided to promote title track “Holiday” on music shows because “‘Holiday’ is better conveyed with a performance.”

Throughout her career, Suzy has been described as “The Nation’s First Love” for her innocent and beautiful appearance. She said she wants to get rid of this image while promoting as a singer and explained, “There are many different sides of me. ‘The Nation’s First Love’ is a title that I’m thankful for, but it also felt burdening at times. I thought, ‘That isn’t the only image I have,’ and ‘Will people be disappointed if I show this kind of image?‘”

Suzy continued, “I wanted to show you more diverse looks and more things that look like me. During the reality program, I really didn’t care about what I looked like and showed you myself without being made up. There is also a sexy side of me so I want to show you that, as well as innocent and feminine looks. I accept the many different parts that are a part of me and want to show you that.”

After giving herself a score of 40 out of 100 for her acting and singing, Suzy explained, “It’s really hard to give myself a score. I want to be a tough grader.” She added, “When I’m acting, there’s a lot of responsibility and pressure, so I’m strict with myself. When I’m promoting my album, I try to tell my story and try to express myself.”


[Soompi] Suzy Comments On Making A Comeback At The Same Time As Red Velvet

At the event, she was asked about releasing her album at the same time as Red Velvet’s. Suzy responded, “I am also a fan, so I am really looking forward to it.” She added, “I am happy that we will be promoting together.”


180129 [Faces of Love] showcase – interview

Q: After Miss A disbanded, this is your first solo promotion
A: I feel like I couldn’t properly inform the fans about Miss A’s disbandment so I am feeling very regretful. But I think that we can grow up and develop in each of the path that we chose to take. I hope that people could support us and watch over us. I want to do something that’s different from what we did as a team so I think that this is a good opportunity for me to grow up.

Q: What’s the kind of love that 25 year old Suzy wants?
A: As soon as the articles started to get released, I already wanted to show various facets of love through my album. Each facet has its own way of love and own meaning and they are all different, I wanted to show the difference between them. I was worried because I wanted to I wanted to show the depth of love. I feel like as I get older, my emotions have gotten deeper as well.

Q: What are the different facets of love in each track?
A: For ‘I Love Someone Else’, the song has a sad and emotions of longing for someone. For ‘Holiday’, it’s something like falling in love, thinking that you are the prettiest, and that you’re just head over heels for someone. ‘Good Night’ shows feelings of missing someone and resentment. ‘Sober’ is a cute song about someone hiding their feelings but who wants to share them at the same time. ‘All Night’ is also about missing someone. ‘Bxatxh’ is about a girl who’s a baddie but at the same time, she’s a jokester and is provocative.

Q: Love has many facets. Suzy must be like that too
A: I think that I have various facets too. I’m thankful for being called the “first love” but it’s also a bit of a burden. It’s not that I’m only like that, I was scared of showing the different sides of me in case people became disappointed. So I’m working hard to show more various sides of me. I want to show a carefree image of me in reality but a sexy image on stage. I also have some moments when I feel innocent and feminine, they are all facets of me. Instead of meeting people’s expectations, I want to show something different.

Q: You keep releasing self-composed songs. Where do you get your inspiration from?
A: I write my lyrics first and then I write the melody in a process. I work hard trying to find a melody that matches the lyrics. I get inspired from watching a movie or reading a book that touch me, taking the plane, when I feel down, etc. I also get inspired when my friends talk about their stories.

Q: What do you expect from this album?
A: I haven’t tried this kind of songs a lot. Seeing how there are a lot of facets to love, I feel like every song can be a title song. I want this to be an album where the side songs are as loved as the title song

Q: You performed at a music festival last year, do you have any plans this year?
A: One of my goals was always to do a concert. I’ve always had plans to do it but I don’t know if I can do it this year. If I have the opportunity some time, I want to do it. 

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180129 [Faces of Love] showcase

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180129 [Faces of Love] showcase

180129 [Faces of Love] showcase

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180129 [Faces of Love] showcase – Gifts Suzy gave her fans

180129 [Faces of Love] showcase

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180129 [Faces of Love] showcase

180129 [Faces of Love] showcase