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Faces of Love:

Suzy on Spotify!

Yes? No?, Midnight

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(1) WYWS staff insta: “ The person who gave this for me is pretty, kind and inspiring = Suzy ”

(2) Lancome PR insta: “ Everyone… look at the goodbye gift I received from this pretty girl. This is the first time I meet a model like this. Only me should see this content (album). My time as Suzy’s mom with Lancôme has ended but I as Suzy’s mom will always cheer and root for Suzy. I wish Suzy to be happy “

(3) Suzy’s pilates instructor insta:

“ Our Suzy is very pretty.
We were fated to met through pilates. Its already been one year since we exercise together. A cute child who doesn’t have samsso party yet.
I will always support you ”

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180310 Lovelyz instagram : Jiae recommand to her Suzy’s “Midnight” 

“ Did you all have a good start? today, i’m going to recommend one book and song, each.

( she recommends a book of poetry )

ah, one more!
suji – midnight
because of the sound of yiruma’s piano it was even better!ㅎㅎ ”

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잘자 내 몫까지 ) ft. Yiruma

Midnight (with YIRUMA) – Single by Suzy on Apple Music:



(180202) suzy – holiday