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180526 Suzy Asia FM Tour ‘WITH’ in Hong Kong:

WYWS scene

Suzy’s replaying some of her scenes in ‘While You Were Sleeping’ 

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Suzy doing an imitation of Nam Hong Ju (her character in WYWS)

​Lee Sang Yeob Shares Honest Stories About His Female Co-Stars (1)

On the May 8 episode of MBC FM4U’s “Ji Suk Jin‘s 2 O’Clock Date,” actor Lee Sang Yeob appeared as a guest and talked about his female co-stars.

When asked if Suzy looked pretty in person, he replied she really did. He said, “I first saw her in ‘While You Were Sleeping.’ I was the villain harassing Suzy.” He continued, “I started off thinking, ‘She’s really pretty.’ By the end of the drama, however, I ended up thinking, ‘She’s a really funny person.’ Suzy’s personality is that good. She eats blood sausage soup [sundaeguk] and stuff.”

The winners of the Popularity Award for the 54th Baeksang Arts Awards have been determined!

22 male and 22 female actors were chosen as nominees for the Popularity Award by a team of 40 judges including PDs, writers, directors, and more. An online vote was then held from April 10 through April 27 to select the final winners.

In the end, Jung Hae In and Suzy came out on top. As the award is 100 percent determined by votes, they are confirmed as the winners of the Popularity Award.

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SBS ‘While You Were Sleeping’ Director’s cut Commentary Teaser: undefined

SBS ‘While you were sleeping’ – Oh Choong Hwan (director), Suzy & Lee Jong Suk interview 

Kstyle interview:

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SBS ‘While you were sleeping’ –

Oh Choong Hwan

(director), Suzy & Lee Jong Suk interview with Kstyle

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